resize“Reporting the Oregon Story” NEW! From OSU Press

Floyd’s newest book recounts the era that Oregon entered in 1964 with the election of Tom McCall as secretary of state and Bob Straub as state treasurer. Their political rivalry formed the backdrop for two of Oregon’s most transformative decades, as they successively fought for, lost, and won the governorship. Veteran journalists Floyd McKay had a front-row seat. Learn more about the book and purchaseĀ copies at OSU press.


resize-1“An Editor for Oregon” Charles A. Sprague and the Politics of Change

In chronicling the life of Oregon governor and newspaper editor Charles A. Sprague, Floyd McKay guides readers through the politics and journalism of twentieth-century Oregon. Sprague’s remarkable career, writes McKay, “is in effect the life of a state through Depression, war and recovery, and into the era of Tom McCall and the Oregon Story.” Read more and purchase the book at OSU Press.